Poor A-Rod. It’s been a tough week. The Yankees announced he would officially be released following Friday’s game in Yankee Stadium. On top of that, Yanks manager Joe Girardi denied A-Rod’s request to play third base in his final game. At least he had a nice on-field ceremony with his friends and family to look forward to, right?

Wrong. Apparently, the baseball gods are not a fan of Rodriguez’s steroid-fueled career. It was pouring during the ceremony and eventually a lighting bolt and huge thunderclap ended the ceremony early.


This ceremony is almost a perfect metaphor for A-Rod’s career. Ever since he was caught using steroids and was involved in the Biogenesis scandal, heavy clouds have been cast over his accomplishments. Love him or hate him, he was certainly a polarizing figure that captured news headlines.

However, he has never had trouble with the ladies. Take a look at some of his past girlfriends. Spoiler: Wow.