I posted a question on the Hooch and Hops Facebook page a few weeks ago asking folks  how they felt about the new Malibu Red (rum mixed with Mexican tequila).  I am now seeing ads on TV for the new Malibu Black (essentially regular Malibu flavor at 70 proof).  What the hell is going on Malibu?  What happened to the good old days in college when I could mix a bottle of Malibu with a jug handle of crap vodka, throw in some Country Time Lemonade mix, and call that monstrosity a fine cocktail.  In all seriousness folks, how do we feel about all of this fancification that Malibu is throwing at us?   My initial reaction has been fairly negative but I am open to the idea that I am being a bit of a booze snob here.  Let me know what you think.


Drink Better,


Just like Malibu, only Drunker…
I was just thinking to myself the other day, you know what Malibu needs? Tequila.

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