When I think of Russia, I think of vodka and fur coats. I’m not sure if either of these played a role in this video, but I’m not ruling them out. I’m not sure why this guy was recording his drive down a random road in Russia, but he captured one of the craziest car accidents I’ve ever seen.

In the video you see an 18-wheeler start to make a left-hand turn when, all of a sudden, a smaller truck coming from the opposite direction, crashes into the side of the 18-wheeler, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision, and the driver of the smaller truck then gets thrown out of his truck through the windshield. Somehow, the driver was not injured — he even managed to land on his feet after front-flipping out of the windshield.

I don’t know what the hell the driver of the big truck was thinking; you can see the smaller truck in clear vision at the 0:12 mark.

Heads up move by the second diver to escape the head-on collision. This guy is easily the luckiest truck driver I’ve ever seen.