If the little girl or boy in you has always wanted to be an astronaut, then your dreams could be partly realized by NASA’s mission to hire regular folks for a simulated trip to Mars. In its own way, it sounds like the experience of a lifetime, or else maybe hell.

The space agency is looking for six people to eat space food and wear space suits for four months while living on a lava flow in Hawaii. The goal is to test the reactions people have to different foods, and which ones they prefer to consume regularly.

The money isn’t great, and it would have the potential to be a miserable experience, but how many people can say they worked for NASA? Four months of space life compared to years of getting laid might be a good tradeoff.

There are some stipulations: you must be an english speaker, a non-smoker, and have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics, computer science, or biological/physical science.

If you fit this profile, I say go for it!

VIA: Mashable