Mark from Hooch and Hops has set the twitter-sphere on fire with his twitter post of his very own sangria recipe the other day:

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Our tweet got picked up by Dogfish Head and tweeted here:

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It is a simple recipe folks and highlights the versatility of craft beer in cooking (and entertaining).  The great thing about experimenting with new craft beer recipes is that even if you screw up you can drink or eat your mistakes.  Luckily for us this sangria was delicious.

Dogfish Head Sangria Recipe from Hooch and Hops

The recipe is surprisingly easy:

1.  Pour in 3 shots Tequila ( go with something good).

2.  Pour in 3 shots Cointreau.

3.  Add a crap load of cut up fruit from your local farm market.

4.  Let the booze and fruit soak for an hour.

5.  Pour in a bottle of Dogfish Head Red and White.

6.  Add seltzer if the sangria is too strong.

Why did we choose Dogfish Red and White?  Easy answer.  Red and White is a Belgian-style Wit brewed with corriander, orange peel, and pinot noir wine must.  The Dogfish website tells us:

“Red & White successfully marries the refreshing citrusy qualities of a Belgian-style white beer with the robust complexity of a bold red wine.”  Perfect for a sangria.  We plan on doing a lot more beer/booze food recipe experiments so keep you eyes on all of the Hooch and Hops properties- Hooch and Hops FB page and the Hooch and Hops twitter feed.


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