cs.2014.super.bowl.how.to.winHere’s what happened during the regular seasons of the the last four champions:

2009: Saints started 13-0, lost last 3.

2010: Packers opened 7-3, stumbled to 8-6, then grabbed the NFC’s final playoff spot at 10-6.

2011: Giants began 6-2, closed 3-5, and squeaked in at 9-7.

2012: Ravens went 9-2, then lost 4 of 5 to finish at 10-6.

In the last 4 years the key to winning the Super Bowl seems to be starting hot, then relaxing a bit with a prolonged mid to late season slump that doesn’t quite keep you out of the postseason.

Either that or just play Philadelphia in their home opener, which is another thing all four of those clubs had in common.  After winning in Washington last week the Eagles host the Chargers on Sunday, but I don’t recommend putting Super Bowl bets down on San Diego.


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