Former president Donald Trump interacts with fans John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that former United States President Donald Trump is an avid golfer as he’s spent countless hours on the golf course and even owns a few of his own courses around the world. With so much time spent golfing, it makes sense that he would have hit some pretty impressive shots throughout his golf career – but his latest claim is pretty unbelievable.

While on the golf course last week, Donald Trump was asked how many times throughout his golfing career he’s managed to find the hole with just one stroke. And not only did Trump claim that he’s hit a hole-in-one multiple times, but he claims to have done it an absolutely unbelievable number of times.

“How many hole-in-ones have you had in your life?” a reporter asked the former president last week.

Trump responded confidently without even skipping a beat: “Seven.”

“Legitimately seven,” Trump claimed. “They’ll say ‘Oh wow.’ But I have legitimately had seven.”

Naturally, there weren’t many people who actually believed this insane claim from the former president as many took to social media to express their doubt and poke fun at Trump.

If by some chance Trump is not lying about hitting seven hole-in-ones in his life, he would be just three aces behind Robert Allenby and Hal Sutton, who are tied for the all-time record of holes-in-one in a lifetime on the PGA Tour with 10.

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