Brooks Koepka Apr 12, 2024; Augusta, Georgia, USA; Brooks Koepka reacts to his putt on the second green during the second round of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Network

LIV Golf has brought some of the top golfers in the world over from the PGA Tour in hopes of growing their league. But unfortunately, popularity around the Saudi-backed league hasn’t exactly been all that high despite the talent in the league.

According to LIV Golf star Brooks Koepka, this may be due to the lack of interest around the sport of golf in general.

In a recent conversation with Caleb Pressley of Barstool Sports, Koepka didn’t hold back about his feelings on golf in general, and the LIV Golf product fans are currently consuming.

Koepka was asked a rather silly question by Pressley, whether golf would be more fun to watch if it were football. Koepka responded by saying that golf in general was “a little bit boring”.

Pressley then responded by asking Koepka whether this is affecting LIV’s viewership or just golf viewership in general.

“A bit of both,” said Koepka about the “boring” product of LIV Golf potentially holding back viewership ratings.

Koepka has previously said that golf was “a bit boring to him” in the past. So it appears that his comments here about the sport are pretty genuine.

However, Caleb Pressley has been known as a largely satirical interviewer of many popular athletes, largely asking them very bizarre questions that they are often stumped by. So it’s certainly possible that Koepka doesn’t actually believe that LIV Golf is a “boring” product.

Regardless, Koekpa is being paid a pretty penny by LIV Golf to play for them, signing a four-year $130 million contract in 2022 to join the league. So they likely aren’t thrilled to hear this kind of comment from him about their product.

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