A couple weeks ago, millions of people stared up at the sky to witness a total solar eclipse. Seeing the moon blocking the sun and witnessing the two when in totality is one of the most beautiful things a human being can see. And what Adidas has just designed may just eclipse that.

In a synergy of a German company and German celebration, Adidas has designed a pair of shoes for Oktoberfest that can repel beer and puke which has to sound like a godsend if you have ever had a wild all-nighter or if you’ve ever been to an NFL game and see some of the vile fluids on the ground.

Designed to look like traditional German lederhosen, the inside of the shoes are designed with a red and white tablecloth design as the lining. The shoelaces have a plaid design and in a nice touch, Adidas has the word “Prost” (German for “Cheers”) above the traditional Adidas three stripe trademark. But what’s even more important and practical is that the shoes have what’s called a “DPBR” coating which means “durable puke and beer repellent.”

The shoes are available starting today, in time for Oktoberfest (which is ironically celebrated in September) and while I haven’t seen anyone selling them online yet, they will apparently sell for $237. But despite the high cost, these shoes at least have some practical use that could make the price worth it. If LaVar Ball’s shoes were beer and puke proof, I might be more inclined to shell out $500 to be a “Big Baller.” I still wouldn’t, but at least it would cause me to somewhat consider it.

[Uproxx/Photo: Adidas]

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