We’ll start you only if you wear those crazy outfits during the game, Von.

Von Miller has had quite the year. From winning a Super Bowl (and MVP status) to playing games with Conan O’Brien and starting a chicken farm, it would be understandable if he felt satisfied with his accomplishments for the year. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however, as he (and him and him and him) is asking you to “start him” in this amazing music video for Madden 17.



EA Sports brings you more Miller than you ever thought you could handle (or possibly need), as a gaggle (Herd? Pack?) of Vons request to be a starter on your Madden team, all set to the instrumental of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” It’s too fun to pass up, and, at times, a bit mesmerizing. Here’s hoping the game will let you play the song every time you destroy another QB with Von’s 99 rating.

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