Boris Diaw played in France during the lockout, but rumor has it that he spent the entire summer doing nothing but eating croissants and choosing when he wanted to practice.  This photo of Diaw wearing an Eddy Curry uniform was taken hours before a recent Bobcats practice:

(Actually, it’s from this blog post about how fat Eddy Curry was.  We’re told Diaw could never shimmy into that Curry uniform in the shape he’s in.)

We know that Kendrick Perkins dropped 30 pounds and looks fit as a fiddle, and we heard all about Andrew Bynum’s boxing workouts.  But we at Cosby Sweaters want to know who else — other than Boris — went full Oliver Miller over the offseason?

Perhaps the Bobcats told Boris to have a few extra crepes this summer.  Maybe they told him they had a vision of him as their main “big man” instead of the now-departed Kwame Brown.

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