Ichiro is a Yankee. Booyah.


I am still trying to figure out how excited to be about Ichiro becoming a Yankee.  If this was five years ago or even three years ago I would be super psyched.  However, with the numbers he has put up over the last few years I am kind of blah about it.   One thing that we here at Hooch and Hops can get excited about is the breweries in the Seattle area that the Yankees can visit as they get used to their new teammate.  Here is a head to head between two of my favorite Seattle breweries.  Help me decide where to go folks.

If I were lucky enough to be on this road trip with the Yankees my first stop would be to Elysian Brewing Company.  Elysian, maker of Avatar Jasmine IPA (one of my favorite beers), has three different brewpubs in Seattle and has some kick ass bottle art to go along with their well crafted ales.  Elysian also has a Pumpkin Beer Fest in the Fall with over 60 pumpkin beers representing the king of the gourds.  So they have that going for them.



Perseus Porter with some awesome bottle art.

The other brewery that the Yankees should hit up while in the Emerald City is Pyramid Breweries.  Seattle is the location of Pyramid’s original location and opens up their beer garden prior to every Mariners and Seahawks home games.  Would it make me a bad sports fan if I took a road to trip to see a Mariners game and ended up watching it in the Pyramid beer garden?  Anyways, as I posted a few months ago, I absolutely destroy their Outburst IPA when I can get my hands on it.  For a beer with an 80 IBU and 8.5% abv it goes down smooth as hell.

Pyramid Outburst


In the end it was a close call but I have to lean towards the beer garden.  I love a place that makes it socially acceptable to sit in a chair for 4 hours, drink, and barely blink while watching sports.  Iron Chef Michael Symon also does blog posts for Pyramid so that is pretty awesome.  He is a cool dude.  Anyways, go Yanks, go Ichiro, yeah beer.


Drink Better,




PS- This dude at superichirocrazy.wordpress.com had a pic of Ichiro as a rookie in a Hawaiian baseball league.  Wow, I bet that took some digging.







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