Redskins running back Alfred Morris has a pet named “Bentley” that he adores. It moves fast, has never let him down, and has gotten a little out of touch with old age. It’s also a 1991 Mazda 626. After the brunt of many jokes of teammates during his rookie season, and an offer from Mazda he couldn’t refuse, Morris’ car has gotten a refurbishing, so that the ride will hopefully stick with him throughout his career.

So, Mazda took the 626 in and got to it. A total of 275 man hours of labor and more than 450 new parts were involved in the refurbishment. In addition to the basics — an overhauled engine, new brakes, exhaust system – the car had some added features not typical of a 1991 Mazda 626. Leather interior, new sound system, and back-up camera were among the options Morris now has at his disposal.

Mazda also sent pictures along the way to keep Morris updated:


That one must’ve had poor Alfred in tears.


But look at that shiny new engine:


Morris and Bentley reunited on Tuesday at a Mazda sponsored event filled with theatrics. A swarm of media captured the moment as Morris tore the veil off his new ride. The exterior looked the same, but all the insides were new and improved.


But with all the new additions and shiny new parts, Morris claims she’s still the same old ride:

She hasn’t changed, I mean, she looks different, but it’s still the same car. It a feel thing. Sometimes when something changes, you’re like, ‘Oh man, I want it the old way.’ But when I sat in her, I still got that feeling. She’s still The Bentley…I just want to ride around and go nowhere in her


Congrats to Morris and his new (same old) Bentley.