Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci ain’t never scared. Last Thursday, while leaving a Ferrari dealership with his wife and kid, Bonucci was held up at gun point. Instead of giving the mugger whatever he wanted, Bonucci decided to punch the guy in the face and then chase him down on foot.

According to Football Italia:

The player was leaving a Ferrari dealership in Turin on Thursday with his wife and baby when he was confronted by a man who pointed a gun in his face and demanded he hand over his watch.

According to the report in La Gazzetta dello Sport, Bonucci stayed perfectly still and the mugger grabbed his wrist, but the player spotted an opening and punched the attacker with his free hand.

The mugger then ran away to his accomplice on a nearby moped with Bonucci chasing on foot for a brief period.

This should provide some much needed street-cred to soccer players, who, in America, are assumed to be soft and not as tough as American football players.

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