Today, on SportsCenter, Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud decided to have a little fun during his phone interview with ESPN. He played the “meow” game and executed it so well, I didn’t pick up on it until halfway through the interview.

If you don’t know what the “meow” game is, go watch Super Troopers.

DeCoud manages to pull off an incredible 13 “meows.” Rumor has it he was only shooting for twelve. See if you can count them all. I have them at the 0:39, 0:40, 0:46, 1:10, 1:32, 2:02, 2:23, 2:47, 2:48, 2:49, 2:50, 3:02 and 3:44 marks. The rapid fire sequence between 2:47-2:51 was an incredible display of poise and execution.

Well done, sir. Well done.


We apologize for the video quality. We’ll get a better one up asap.