A few selections from recent craft can-tacular.

I know a guy who works at a brewery who will never let beer from a can touch his lips.  He swears that he can taste a metallic flavor in beers that come out of cans and he won’t subject his palate to that taste.  Personally, I think he is a little nuts but whatever, players gotta play.

I had my own little Can-tacular a few weeks ago where I picked a selection of various craft cans and shared them with a few buddies.  Clearly, my friend from the brewery did not attend my makeshift event.

I paid homage to Oskar Blues (as the widely recognized originator of the craft can) by selecting both Dale’s Pale Ale and Deviant Dale’s.  You really can’t go wrong with Dale’s Pale Ale.  It is the granddaddy of the craft can and delivers a solid American Pale Ale every time.

It might just be my lack of awareness over the last few years but it seems like the market has been flooded by IPA’s and a few Double IPA’s.  This is a wonderful development.  As you can see from my selections (four out of six are IPA’s) I fully support the further development of the IPA’s in cans trend.

I love the label art on the Wild Onion Hop Slayer

Out of this selection of cans my favorite was the Avery IPA.  The citrusy aroma and hops bitterness is balanced nicely on the back end with a smooth malt finish.  The bottom line is that unless you are like my friend from the brewery and refuse all craft cans, you will be able to find a canned craft that fits your drinking needs.  Get out there, get your can on, and Drink Better!




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