You can’t have a conversation about the BCS title game between Oregon and Auburn without the question coming up of SEC athletes vs. PAC-10 athletes.  There is a very vocal group that will tell you SEC football boasts the best athletes in the land and others who will claim the PAC-10 boasts more speed than the SEC.

This side-by-side video  makes the case that, at least with Heisman finalist LaMichael James, the PAC-10 has an athlete who would have no problem keeping up in the SEC:

At the end of the day a lot more goes into a play than just speed or any other athletic attribute and it will always be a subjective argument that we’ll never get a final answer to.   What we do know is both teams will come out firing on January 10th as Kelly and Chizik attempt to out offensive-guru one another and both teams will have more than enough athletes to get the job done.

Huge credit to Russell Arch on the video.