Cupidtino Apple Fanboy

Are you an Apple nerd looking for true love? Are you looking for that special someone that also sleeps with their MacBook Air? Well now you can with Cupidtino. Cupidtino is a dating website that connects people who share a mutual infatuation with Apple products. It may sound stupid, but in reality it’s extremely stupid. According to their website, Cupidtino has around 30,000 users and it’s free to sign up. If you want to read messages you get from other Apple fanboys and girls, it will cost you $4.79 a month. Cupidtino likens their service to the reason why you go to Starbucks, “for is a chance to run into another geek who’s just as much into photography, design, Netflix, hybrids, the BBC, HTML5, polar bears, Wired, Whole Foods, Coldplay and Angry Birds as we are.”

Cupidtino thinks all Apple users are the same by saying, “Admit it – as Apple fans we love to hang out in cafés with our Macbooks and iPhones.” As a part-time Apple user myself, I have never taken my MacBook Pro to any establishment that sells coffee and I never will. The people over at Cupidtino dilute the Apple brand.

Visit Cupidtino for nerdlove.

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