This past weekend in New York City, many were waiting for the new Pharrell and Adidas shoe to drop. While waiting, it appears those waiting outside of a Concepts store began to fight. It isn’t immediately known what started the fight.

Time and time again with limited edition shoes the fight to make sure that they are the first to have them become more fierce. It is the equivalent of Black Friday violence at random times of the year.

The incident then caused Adidas to address the issue and also cancel the release of the shoes for those in New York City.

This isn’t the only place where tensions reached a fever pitch for the shoes. A Reddit post shows that a person cutting a line starts the brawl.

It only makes the questions around the community all the more interesting. While many go to these releases to collect these shoes, others wait in line to sell them at a huge markup.

Is the violence at all worth it for a pair of shoes?

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