The Air Jordan 5 in the “White/Fire Red” colorway came out in 1990. They were retro-ed in 2013. But even if you’re lucky enough to own a pair of “Fire Red” Air Jordan 5’s, you most likely don’t own a pair like this.

And I’m not just talking about His Airness’ autograph which graces both shoes here.

See those embroidered 23’s? They weren’t on the initial original model that was released to the public.


The 23 was also not stitched on the 2013 retro release of the shoe.


(There was a limited collection pack that released in 2009 which featured the OG colorway “Fire Red” Air Jordan 5’s with the 23 stitched on but those lacked the “Nike Air” logo on the back).

No, the only original “Fire Red” Jordan 5’s that were made with the embroidered 23’s were specifically crafted for one man: Michael Jordan.


How much does a pair of Michael Jordan exclusive Jordan 5’s signed by Michael Jordan go for? Somehow, a pair has made it’s way online. Right now, there’s actually an ebay auction for this incredibly rare pair of sneakers. The asking price is a whopping $4,650.

So, if you have stacks of money to spare and a life-long love for Air Jordans, now’s your chance.


$_12 (1)

$_12 (2)

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