Although it has seemingly been an eternity in the making, the Entourage movie is about to become a reality on June 3rd.

Many are expecting a heap of big-time names (including the likes of Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Ronda Rousey) to join the regular cast for the feature film alongside loads of delightfully alluring ladies. In order to adequately prepare fans for the film, we have ranked the 50 hottest and most enticing women from Entourage’s eight seasons.

Although pure beauty and scintillating attractiveness were heavily considered, the lovely women of Entourage were also ranked according to star power, importance to the theme of the series and type of role. Some of the women were integral and irreplaceable pieces to the Entourage puzzle while others only saw a few moments of nudity-filled action. Only those that had a noticeable role were considered for the list.

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