Zoolander fans who have been holding out for a sequel may finally have some good news to celebrate. After years of rumors and dead ends, Will Ferrell reportedly confirmed recently that a sequel to the 2001 comedy is finally getting off the ground and that he’ll be reprising his role of Mugatu. He also stated that a read-through of the new script will be happening very soon.

This comes a few months after writer-director Justin Theroux said the script was being fine-tuned and that it looked like a follow-up might finally come to fruition:

“We’ve got a script for the sequel, and we’ve just been in talks again. We’re trying to sharpen it and hone it and, actually, I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like it actually might be starting to get up and running.” (via)

With Ferrell confirming his involvement, I would think it’s safe to assume Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson will also be returning to reprise their roles as well. After all, it wouldn’t really be a Zoolander film without either of them.

So while it may be wise to keep your hopes in check considering ‘Zoolander 2’ has been stuck in development hell for about a decade, this is certainly a promising sign for those anticipating the return of Derek and Hansel.