Well it appears that the biggest upset of the night was the Knicks beating the Heat. The 83rd Oscars were far from exciting.

And the winners of the big categories were:

–          Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo in The Fighter

–          Supporting Actor: Christian Bale in The Fighter

–          Director: Tom Hooper for the King’s Speech

–          Actress: Natalie Portman in Black Swan

–          Actor: Colin Firth in The King’s Speech

–          Picture: The King’s Speech

I went 5 for 6. I’ll take it. I did think that Fincher had it for The Social Network but was not at all surprised to see Hooper take it. All in all it was a great night for The King’s Speech and it was actually a decent night for Inception as well. No big awards, but enough smaller awards to take notice.

And here are a few random highlights and lowlights:

–          Kirk Douglas was actually really funny. Old people can get away with anything.

–          Melissa Leo drops the f bomb (and they didn’t have a 3 second delay)

–          Trent Reznor being at the Oscars. And winning!

–          Mila Kunis and her boobies

–          Christian Bale “joking” about dropping many f bombs in the past…many many…

–          James Franco being high

–          Christopher Nolan not winning for original screenplay for Inception. I’m not gonna lie. I was a little surprised even though it was clearly The King’s night.

–          Reese Witherspoon’s clip on ponytail. What is this – Toddlers and Tiaras?

–          Randy Newman performs song from Toy Story 3. Is this the exact same song her performs every year? I swear they all sound the same.

–          Luke Matheny (dude with fro who won for live action short) was awesome! Best speech of the night.

Fun facts:  Aaron Sorkin wins for adapted screenplay for The Social Network and thanks his agent Ari Emanuel. Aka Rahm Emanuel’s brother aka the person that Ari Gold’s is based on.

There were a few ladies wearing Marchesa tonight. Head designer for Marchesa is Georgina Chapman, who would be Harvey Weinstein’s wife. The actresses wear Marchesa for a reason.

And that’s a wrap folks. Normally I would say that there aren’t any big television events to look forward to anytime soon, but Charlie Sheen has a couple of interviews this week. You probably don’t want to miss that.