We finally get to catch up with the God of Thunder.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War took on quite a big task for one movie: it brought together the likes of some the greatest warriors in the MCU to fight over a one-armed nonagenarian. Seems a little silly in retrospect, but the action and intensity was great, as Iron Man and Captain America clashed while teaming up with heroes like Spiderman, The Vision, and Hawkeye (so they can’t all be winners).

One question on everyone’s mind during all of this, though, was where the hell was Thor, son of Odin and beholder of luscious hair? It looks like JoBlo Movie Trailers has finally given us the answer, as we find Thor taking a bit of time away from the whole “super hero” thing. It’s a great time, as the God of Thunder reaches out to the community, cooks meat using the sun, and learns of the magic of the “electronic letter.”


It’s good to know that Thor didn’t have too much on his plate while the other Avengers were at each other’s throats, and we’d love to see him do more before Thor: Ragnarok finally reaches theaters. Here’s also hoping that we get more Daryl, maybe in some shiny armor with a few Valkyries under his arms.

From super heroes to super models, hit the deck below to see one of our heroes, miss Alessandra Ambrosio.