If you’re one of the 500 million iTunes subscribers, then you absolutely have the new album from U2.  Don’t believe me? Check your recent purchases right now. There it is.

During the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 6, Tim Cook closed out the conference with a special gift for 500 million people; the new album from U2 for free.  Some people were totally psyched about it while others were not pleased about the surprise album showing up in their iTunes.  One of those people not pleased? My mom.  She emailed me a couple days after the release and asked why I would ever put U2 on her iPad, “I don’t want this stuff on here!” That’s basically how millions of people felt too.

Which brings us to this wonderful website, whoisu2.com.  The URL lets you know exactly what the site is all about, people confused about this mysterious group U2.

Here’s a few of my favorite tweets from this hilarious site:




In case you’re wondering, Apple has released a shortcut to delete the album from your library.