I bought a Red Sox #28 Adrian Gonzalez t-shirt before this season started.  I wore it to a few games in spring and early summer, as he dominated American League pitching and looked like the runaway MVP.  But then he suffered a mysterious power outage.  Over a span of 39 games and 155 at bats (roughly 1/4 of the season) he hit just one home run.  A while ago, at some point during his “slump,” I left my Gonzalez shirt in my friend’s car.  On Tuesday I got it back and wore it for the first time in months.  That night he hit 2 home runs.  Then yesterday he hit another.  And just now, while I was in the process of writing this, he hit 2 more.  That’s 5 in 3 games since the recovery of my t-shirt.  So you’re welcome Sox fans.

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