Not every TV show is made equal, nor is every show perfect. Producers, directors and writer misfire on, or completely botch, certain plot lines and casting decisions, with some moves more perplexing or frustrating than others.

Some of these moves result in viewers despising, or simply failing to recognize the importance of, an entire character or something that character does. Not all of these characters land among the worst of the last decade and a simple disdain is not enough to included among the worst. This list was comprised with those whom annoy, confuse and unnecessarily anger or frustrate viewers.

With that in mind, scroll through for nine of the worst and most annoying TV characters from the last decade.

Nellie Bertram (The Office)

Nellie Bertram might be the worst sitcom character ever. The show’s attempt at adding new spice to Season Eight was a complete flop, as the obnoxious character, one that relies solely upon quirky ideas and a non-funny British accent, repeatedly pollutes episodes with her presence.


Jessica Brody (Homeland)

In her defense, she was dealt a garbage hand, but we still cannot ignore her odd tendencies and uncomfortable demeanor. And yes, those aspects are integral to the show but it oftentimes became too much and detracted from the main plot lines.


Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones)

Good luck finding one person that doesn’t wish to punch Joffrey square in the throat. The character’s role is integral to Game of Thrones but that doesn’t make his presence any less putrid.


Andrea (Walking Dead)

Andrea’s character seemed to exist for the sole purpose of fulfilling some underlying desire for success and widespread acceptance but repeatedly failed to do so. It’s a stretch to call her struggles and odd decisions pointless to the show’s overall themes but most fans would have preferred to make her a background character.


Dana Brody (Homeland)

Dana’s struggles are understood but it doesn’t make her character, or the questionable plot lines surrounding her, any less questionable. Homeland is a fantastic show but it occasionally uses Dana and Jessica to divert from the main objective and fails to grasp the audience in doing so.


Marie Schrader (Breaking Bad)

Skyler White was spared from this list because her character finally made her presence known after oddly fluttering along for the first few seasons, but this list was made for characters like Marie Schrader.

Is she only in Breaking Bad to bridge the connection between Walt and her DIA husband, Hank? Her awkward and obsessive behavior is occasionally appreciated and contributes to the show’s oddly enticing madness but Marie’s role could have been limited.


Nikki and Paulo (Lost)

Widely considered to the worst Lost Characters, many of the show’s fanatics are still scratching their head over Nikki and Paulo. Their roles were small but the whiny and confusing pair repeatedly muddied the show’s direction.


David Aceveda (The Shield)

Benito Martinez is not a poor actor but his portrayal of David Aceveda was agonizing. He’s unenviably tasked with exposing a corrupt police department in The Shield, a role that should be simple, yet powerful and firm, but instead one that the show’s producers appeared to struggle with.


Horatio Caine (CSI: Miami)

David Caruso’s CSI: Miami character, Horatio Caine, should be starring on Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime, the fictional crime show from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It’s stunning that CSI: Miami lasted ten years behind the overdramatic leading character.