What’s worse than watching Skip Bayless debate Jason Whitlock, Cris Carter or Colin Cowherd? Watching him debate himself.

In an excellently edited video from Will Schleichert, Bayless takes on his most challenging debate opponent yet. The dual Skips go back-and-forth with one another regarding Aaron Rodgers. Splicing together Bayless’ contradictory takes, the video is seamless. It would make you believe two Skip Baylesses actually exist, God, help us all.

If you can make it through the entire video, you’re a very brave person.

The mash-up appears to be former Fox Sports’ president Jamie Horowitz’ endgame before he got booted after sexual harassment allegations. Because let’s be honest, if FS1 could get Bayless to debate himself, they’d make it happen.

Who would win in a hypothetical argument between Bayless and himself? While I’m sure each Bayless would declare victory, they’d be the only winners. The audience would be massive losers. One Bayless is enough.

Great work here, Mr. Schleichert. However, I beg of you, please don’t make a similar video on Stephen A. Smith… or any other hot-takists like Bayless. This is enough mind-numbing #EmbraceDebate to last a lifetime.


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