The Warriors promotional commercial for the 1999-00 season relied upon the word “Great”, but the only thing about the Mookie Blaylock-led team that resembled “Great” was their ability to suck. 15 years before Steph Curry, Andre Iguodala, Klay Thomspon and others cut down the nets as NBA Champions, a terrible team led by Blaylock, Jason Caffey and a ton of injured players crawled to a 19-win season.

Antawn Jamison and Larry Hughes combined to play only 75 games while the likes of Sam Jacobson (74 games), Vonteego Cummings (75), Adonal Foyle (75), Blaylock (73) and Caffey (71) provided “stability” for a team that fired P.J. Carlesimo 27 games into the season.

It would appear that the 1999-00 promotional video was wildly inaccurate and the Warriors should have been sued for false advertisement. Then again, it’s an awesome and fairly catchy video:

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