Jeopardy is a great game to watch as you are unwinding from a long day. Little do we know that the people are under immense pressure to get the questions right. Most topics are nuanced and there are very rarely sports topics.

This week there was a sports category “NFL Teams By Hall of Famers” and no one knew what the hell they were doing. There were plenty of misses and one of the questions posed was “running back Marcus Allen” and the answer was cringeworthy. Anupama guessed the Colorado Rockies which naturally got her flack online.

Some people know sports and others don’t. I am not here to judge! This answer though was the most egregious. Most other questions were left unanswered in the category.

The Colorado Rockies wanted to make sure that Anupama wasn’t totally wrong. They do have a Marcus Allen on staff, he just wasn’t a hall-of-fame running back.

Unfortunately, it is too late to go back in time and give her some cash for this answer. She should keep her head up high knowing that she wasn’t totally wrong.

That likely won’t take away the sting that she didn’t make Final Jeopardy though.

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