Despite a lengthy, successful career in the NBA, Atlanta Hawks forward Kris Humphries is best known for his highly publicized 72-day marriage to socialite Kim Kardashian. So, of course, he’s got an opinion on Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s drama-filled split.

In case you’re unaware (lucky you), Rob had an ugly split from his girlfriend Blac Chyna which included lengthy Instagram posts, nude photos, and an eventual restraining order.

The entire thing is ridiculous, but Humphries apparently still has a dog in the fight despite splitting up with Kim Kardashian more than half a decade ago – he’s team Rob.

US Weekly caught up with the former Mr. Kardashian and said “my guy” Robert will “hopefully” “be alright.”

“That’s my guy,” he said of the 30-year-old reality star. “I don’t read too much into it. Hopefully he’ll be alright.” 

So there you have it. Humphries is still somewhat invested in the Kardashian drama, but likely because he’s still a fan and friend of Rob. I thought Humphries inclusion with Kardashian shenanigans was over, but it’s 2017 and he’s still commenting on this.

Perhaps, this is all a secret ploy to start a Kardashian expat reality show, where Rob and Kris discuss their issues with the family. Please, no.

[US Magazine] [Photo via EOnline]

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