Family Feud debuted on July 12, 1976 and although the technology and culture surrounding the popular game show have adapted over time, it still features the same entertaining concept. Actor, comedian and television personality Richard Dawson was the first host of the show that became an immediate hit with American audiences. His tacky nature and oftentimes whimsical demeanor was beloved by viewers, with this trademark kiss on the cheeks of ladies becoming a signature to the show and his career.

Family Feud has never completely fell off the entertainment radar but it has dipped and been reinvigorated numerous times, including the most recent primetime push of Celebrity Family Feud. The celebrity version was actually tested by NBC in 2008 and featured the likes of Deion Sanders, Kim Kardashian, Wayne Newton and cast members from The Office over a six-episode run. It did not return until 2015, when it reappeared as an ABC show and has since generated decent buzz.

As people start paying more attention to the 40-year-old show, here’s a look back at the very first episode of Family Feud from 1976:

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