There are a lot of folks sick of FIFA’s decisions, business practices and behaviors and the negative reactions to soccer’s international governing body have been fierce. In advance of their presidential election on Friday, the organization released an agenda of the day’s events in order for media outlets to follow along and provide coverage of the proceedings.

It appeared to be a very simple step-by-step agenda with a couple dozens items on it, but, after arguably the most tumultuous week in FIFA’s 111-year history, they even had difficulty sticking to that agenda. It’s a tiny non-blip on the radar considering the magnitude of the corruption and bribery charges against high-ranking FIFA officials but still one that people noticed, including ESPN’s Bob Ley.

During ESPN’s coverage of the election, Ley was notably fussy with the organization, as he has been throughout this entire debacle, and proceeded to literally rip up the media-distributed agenda.

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