It might take you a few weeks but the nearly 13,000 mile journey from London to New York could very well happen in the future, thus creating an ultimate road trip unlike any other. As reported by CNN and the Siberian Times, Russian Railways president Vladimir Yakunin proposed a legendary super-highway that would stretch the entire 6,200 miles from the country’s west border to east border. While it would connect to previously existing highways after exiting Russia beyond the east border, a new road would be built to connect Russia to Alaska, a distance that measures only 55 miles over the icy Bering Strait.

Yanukin’s proposal did not include details as to how exactly the highway would be built over, under or through the Bering Strait. CNN mapped out the potential route, one that would enter Alaska somewhere near Nome:


Although the Trans-Siberian Railway connects most of Russia along this same route, the proposed highway would give additional options, flexibility and, as described by Yakunin, a “world future zone”. CNN estimated the route from London to New York would stretch about 12,910 miles, meaning it take 185 driving hours, assuming you could somehow average 70 MPH for the entire trip.

Adventurer Karl Bushby is in the midst of his Goliath Expedition, an attempt to walk an unbroken path around the world from the southernmost tip of Chile to England. While Bushby eventually ran into visa and government issues in Russia and is waiting to continue the journey, he miraculously was able to cross the Bering Strait without a boat or artificial mode of transportation, a daring and life-threatening feat. This feat sure would have been much easier with a tidy super-highway.



Photo Courtesy: CNN