North Korea’s version of Facebook is not off to a great start.

“Best Korea’s Social Network” was set to take the world* by storm before it hacked only hours after it had gone live. The “culprit,” if he can even be called that, was none other than 18-year-old Scotsman and potential kilt-wearer Andrew McKean.

According to Australian site, the teen didn’t need much work his way into the system; he used the login “admin,” followed by the complicated password “Password.”  Within seconds, he had access to site in all its glory. Behold:

Best Korean Social Network


Once in, McKean did the unthinkable: not much. No political statements, no destroying of accounts- just leaving the message “Uh, I didn’t create this site just found the login.” Simply devastating. The site has been taken down since the hack to repair the damages.

Most people would assert that this might be some vengeance by Seth Rogen and Sony after the socialist state hacked into their emails over The Interview. It’s clear to us, however that McKean’s true influence is more subtle, as he probably learned it from the horrible influence of Leslie Neilsen:

*North Korea is the whole world, yes?


Photo (cover): Voice of America

Photo (top): NextShark