Watch out YMCMB, Voodoo Doughnuts is comin for ya in the 2014. The Maple Bacon Bar creators who continue to keep Portland, Oregon weird while driving foodies and gluttons wild, announced they will be launching their own record label starting January 30. Artists looking to break into the donut/music genre are able to submit demos to Tracks on wax will be made to look like circular deep fried deliciousness and will need some sort of donut-related overtures. The first cut, “Ain’t No Cupcake (Working at Voodoo Doughnuts)” was written by the shop janitor – with accounts of his naked songwriting neither confirmed nor denied – will be followed up by the highly anticipated club-banger, “Doughnut Make My Brown Eyes Blue.”

To the doughnut shop that pays homage to Wu-Tang’s late, great Ol Dirty BastardShimmy Shimmy Ya.