It doesn’t take a media guru or seasoned movie buff to figure out why we love artificial entertainment, particularly movies and television shows. The intoxicating depiction of fictionally real events through both charming and heinous characters gives consumers something to ponder, fixate upon and wrestle with. Among those characters are those that commit horrific crimes, mutter offensive comments and engage in promiscuous behavior.

Despite their indiscretions and lawless acts, we still love them, as said by Director Paul Haggis during his explanation of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar for fictional Entourage movie, Medellin:

What I want is that even after the audience sees you ruthlessly slaughter, like, a thousand people, I still want them to care. I want them to care so much, that when you die they fuckin’ weep. They won’t want to, they’ll hate themselves for it, but they will fucking weep.

Here are 11 movie and television show characters that you should hate but actually love, starting with our arrogant friend from Washington, Francis Underwood.


Frank Underwood (House of Cards)

Francis Underwood’s cold-blooded navigation of American politics is baffling. His barbaric nature and pathetic treatment of superiors, inferiors and everyone in-between is shocking.

His selfish, legacy-driven, narrow-minded decisions prompt more than a few second takes. And his fan approval ratings have never been higher.

Colonel Hans Landa (Inglorious Basterds)

Why do people love a jew-killing Nazi? Is it because Christoph Walz nailed his portrayal of fictional World War II Colonel Hans Landa?

Because he eventually fled the dark side and allowed the Americans to eradicate the Third Reich with an elaborate mass assassination plot? Whatever the reason might be, the pompous “Jew Hunter” is beloved.

Jackson Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Ladies, don’t even try convincing yourselves that Jax is a good person because he’s a blonde hunk with off-the-charts sex appeal. He might be one of the best TV characters in recent memory but he’s also a terrible, terrible, terrible person.

His relentless killing sprees, selfish decisions and blatant disregard for the long-term future of his family somehow is brushed under the rug, with him being a extremely lovable criminal.

Nicholas Brody (Homeland)

We could also add Brody’s bizarre love interest, FBI agent Carrie Mathison, to this list, as they both put the country in grave danger on numerous occasions.

Yes, there were moments when Brody’s obliviousness and hatred for the United States became too much for the audience to handle, but those were quickly erased with feelings of compassion and remorse for a man seeking to blow up the country.

Michael Scott (The Office)

Michael Scott doesn’t engage in the ruthlessly illegal activities like others on this list and is far from a villain. He is one of the most popular sitcom characters of all time.

However, the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch remains extraordinarily inappropriate, homophobic, racist, sexist and everything else that falls in line with what a respectful human shouldn’t be. Despite his selfish plots and arrogant attitude, Scott remains likable by both his under-appreciated employees and devoted fans.

Vic Mackey (The Shield)

This dude is inhumane. He might do a lot of good in southern California by hunting down the most violent criminals but he is among them.

Detective Vic Mackey has engaged in illegal activity, cut law enforcement corners, cheated on his wife, been a no-show parent and ruined a heap of lives.

Don Draper (Mad Men)

This list was made for people like Don Draper. Considered one the most likable TV show characters of all-time, the irresponsible and smug advertising guru has painted a disgustingly embarrassing picture for what an American businessmen should not be.

Elizabeth and Philip Jennings (The Americans)

They’re Soviet spies that have are plotting against the United States that routinely slip up and put innocent lives at risk.

But fans still love when Elizabeth (Keri Russell) strips down and the two profess their odd and undying love for one another and their country.

Boyd Crowder (Justified)

Boyd Crowder is probably the least likable character on this list but the redneck criminal from beautiful Harlan, Kentucky is still beloved by even the most conservative fans.

His smooth-talking and sinister nature is hard to not fall for but he remains a brutally violent and vicious outlaw.

Walter White (Breaking Bad)

The guy started cooking meth with great intentions (if that’s possible) but quickly transformed into a cutthroat meth cook, drug dealer and killer that destroyed, or ended, many innocent lives.

Even as Walter White was calling for murders and cooking enough crystal meth for the entire country, we still loved his witty quips and random outbursts of violence.

Joker (The Dark Knight)

Everyone loves a terrifying criminal who finds great pleasure in killing innocent civilians, right?

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