Microsoft has innovated in multiple areas of computing, including gaming. The creation of the XBox has revolutionized how we game and given plenty of competition to PlayStation and Nintendo.

They also apparently have a philanthropic side to their business.

The software company has donated an Xbox One S to a charity gaming livestream event called Game4Paul. The event takes place on October 1st and the console will be raffled off. The event is being held by Microsoft and Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW), a non-profit group that works in disaster relief that Walker formed before his unfortunate passing.

So what is so special about it?

The console isn’t just a normal console. It is donned in the same colors as Paul Walker’s vehicle in the first Fast and Furious movie. The console is also signed by Vin Diesel. Tyrese Gibson and Cody Walker, Paul’s brother.

“The team put a lot of thought into this custom console design and we are thrilled to pay homage to Paul’s unforgettable Fast and Furious character,” said Aaron Greenberg, GM of Games Marketing at Xbox in a statement.

Regardless of your feelings on the movie franchise, this team up is cool and allows for Walker’s legacy to live on for a long time. That is an idea we can definitely all get behind.

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