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Everyone’s got their opinion on the new Ghostbusters movie, even if it hasn’t hit a single theater.

From critics to fans to people who’ve probably never seen the originals, everyone is weighing on how horrible it’s going to be, or how amazing it’s going to be, or how they just won’t see it because reasons. Regardless of how you feel at this point, the movie is still on its way, and their bringing along… Kobe Bryant? Sure, why not?

The Players’ Tribune recently shared their behind the scenes look at Black Mamba’s shoot for his Ghostbusters promo ad, which is set to play during Game 1 of the NBA Finals (Thursday at 6 p.m. PT/ 9 p.m. ET), and made a video teasing the fun. It’s only a peek, but gives us just enough sense of the awkward, potentially adorable bustin’ that’s coming our way.

Ghostbusters is in theaters July 15.  No word if this confirms Rob Gronkowski’s role in promoting The Seven Samurai reboot.

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Photos: The Players’ Tribune