There’s been a ton of talk on the social webs recently about the Gap’s new logo. The lion’s share has been extremely negative. The logo doesn’t contain secret Nazi codes or cause seizures or anything–it just kinda sucks. And people have been vocal about how much it sucks. And the new logo is really bad, mind you. The company took their established look with  its unlimited brand equity; had their agency fire up PowerPoint, and voila!…they now have a wildly shitty logo that is connecting with no one.

Cosby Sweaters was able to use our power of persuasion to get a hold of the agency deck presented to the Gap executive marketing team. After viewing the other options, we were even more confused by the new logo choice. As you can see, Gap’s agency really found compelling ways to use PowerPoint to convey the Gap’s new messaging.

Below were their other choices:

1. The dude with the light bulb in his hand is tight. This logo shows that it’s a good idea to shop at the Gap.

2. We saw this as nice message to Target. The Gap still owns the cheap clothes category.

3. Kids like pets. Their parents like the Gap. Simple, targeted messaging.

4. What Economic downturn? We still move khakis like weight, bitches.

5. Jump in your car and drive to the Gap. While you’re there, buy some pants.