South Park is known for parodying celebrities like Kanye West, Tom Cruise, Kanye West again, The Washington Redskins, Michael Jackson, and so many others.  For two episodes the show parodied New Zealand singer, Lorde, claiming that she was actually Stan’s dad living a secret life.  We heard clips of Randy’s Lorde song “Push,” and boy is it a winner!

The track was fully released by South Park last night in a tweet and it turns out is sung by “Chandelier” singer, Sia. “Push” could totally pass as a Lorde song, its got the drums, the synths, and wacky lyrics.  Lorde is apparently cool with the show poking fun at her, she claims she’s never watched it before.  I’m sure Lorde was more focused on the Royals reaching the World Series than she was with South Park parodying her.