Better have found at least a Dragonite for that cost.

The 2016 Olympics belong to Brazil, the South American country known for beautiful people and a confusing language that makes your mouth go crazy. It is not, however, an easy place for participants and watchers alike to play the hot game that is Pokemon Go. That didn’t seem to be the problem for particular athlete.

As reported by USA Today, Kohei Uchimara, a Japanese gymnastics superstar who’s set to dominate, has apparently been playing Pokemon Go since he touched down in Sao Paulo. The result: a $4,954 phone bill (500,000 yen, to be exact). The best part? Apparently Brazil isn’t participating in the game, meaning he probably didn’t find any Pokemon or Pokestops in the process.

Kohei didn’t have much to worry about, though, as his phone company waived the fee and set him with a flat rate of $30 a day. We’re guessing no one really wanted to charge one Japan’s premiere athletes for having a little fun while preparing for one of the biggest moments of his life.

If you’re in the need for more Pokemon fun, look no further than the deck below for some crazy tattoos based off the monster sensation. Gotta ink ’em all!


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Photo: Japan Times