The always polarizing Stephen A. Smith of ESPN posted an Instagram of actor/comedian/singer Jamie Foxx playing a character that is eerily similar to Smith.

@iamjamiefoxx, I’m gonna get you. Hilarious ?

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It looks like Foxx will be playing the twin brother of Smith, Cleveland Smith. Which by itself got a chuckle out of me. Add on that Foxx’s impression of Smith is spot on, we may have a winner on our hands.

All Star Weekend, the movie that Foxx references in the previous Instagram is going to be directed, written and starring Foxx himself. Recently on an episode of The Joe Rogan Podcast, Foxx said that Robert Downey Jr., Gerard Butler, and Benicio del Toro are set to star.

IMDB doesn’t have many details on the movie itself other than this short synopsis: “Two buddies form a rivalry over their favorite American basketball player.” The page also states that the movie is in post-production but given the lack of details, that seems unlikely.

If Cleveland Smith is going to be part of the movie, that may get more people to the box office. Or it might turn them away. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery though, right?

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