Let’s say you have a favorite song.  We all have one or two, right?  Now let’s say that you are sick and tired of hitting the repeat button over and over again.  What to do?  How will you keep “Gangnam Style” or Call me Maybe playing endlessly and forever?

Have no fear, because The Infinite Jukebox can make your song play until the end of time!

Created as part of a small hack project by Paul Lamere, what The Infinite Jukebox does is breaks down songs into individual beats while matching up patterns in the rhythm, then creating different pathways for the song to take. Once the song starts playing, the app intelligently compares beats and attempts to seamlessly branch out to a different point in the tune. The accompanying visualization helps listeners see the individual paths too, with visual cues dictating where the next jump could go.

While it still has some bugs to work out (particularly with songs that have beats with trailing vocals) it’s a pretty nifty app.  Watching the song skip across the track is pretty cool tool.  As a test, I launched “Gangnam Style” and went to lunch.  I came back and it had stopped, but only after 2200 beats and over 32 minutes of playtime elapsed.  Not bad at all!

You are also able to upload an MP3 and see how Infinite Jukebox handles it.  Totally cool stuff.

via The Verge