Tuesday was a landmark day in talk show history, as Maury Povich taped the 2,500th episode of his eponymous talk show, Maury (the episode airs Friday, so set your DVRS!). To help commemorate the occasion, Maury’s wife, Connie Chung, burst out of a cake — a move that ranks about 876,000th on the list of Best Jumping Out Of A Cake Moments (#1 is, and always will be, Erika Eleniak — NSFW, of course).

We won’t subject you to Connie Chung (TMZ has video, if you’re interested), but we would like to take this opportunity to relive some great moments in Maury history, which basically involves a lot of joyous, dancing non-fathers — fresh off the best news of their lives. Thanks for the memories, Maury.