Elon Musk Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last month, Elon Musk made a rather shocking move as he fired essentially Tesla’s entire electric-vehicle charging division, including its leader, Rebecca Tinucci. And now, some rather wild details have emerged about how that whole decision went down.

According to a report from Reuters this week, Elon Musk made the decision to fire the entire team after the team’s chief, Rebecca Tinucci, refused to conduct further layoffs.

It all started when Tinucci met with Musk regarding the future of the division.

“The day before Elon Musk fired virtually all of Tesla’s electric-vehicle charging division last month, they had high hopes as charging chief Rebecca Tinucci went to meet with Musk about the network’s future, four former charging-network staffers told Reuters,” the outlet reported on Friday.

However, the meeting did not go well at all, and it ended with Musk firing Tinucci and the rest of her massive team.

“The meeting could not have gone worse. Musk, the employees said, was not pleased with Tinucci’s presentation and wanted more layoffs. When she balked, saying deeper cuts would undermine charging-business fundamentals, he responded by firing her and her entire 500-member team,” Reuters reported.

This was a particularly short-sided move from Musk as it blindsided automakers who recently struck a deal to equip their EVs for customers to use the Tesla Supercharger network. With the entire team now disbanded, it put a lot of questions about the future of the project.