Elon Musk Syndication: USA TODAY

Elon Musk and Tesla have been rolling out their new Cybertruck over the past several weeks, bringing the new vehicle to consumers after quite a long wait. But unfortunately, it seems like the actual quality of the product is leaving some people extremely disappointed and seemingly exposing Musk and Tesla for cutting corners.

As one Facebook post in a group called “Cybertruck Owners Only Group” points out, there does not appear to be an actual frame on much of the vehicle – just plastic covered by the iconic steel shell.

“Tesla Cybertruck: Made in the USA, $100,000. The most American made vehicle ever. The panel just fell off and there is no frame, it’s just plastic covered by that steel pannel,” the Facebook post read.

The person who shared a screenshot of this post on X, the social media website owned by Musk, did not hold back their criticism of Musk, calling him a “conman.”

“I really don’t understand how there’s anyone left who doesn’t realize Elon’s a conman,” the post said.

Obviously this is not a great look for Musk after he has hyped the new vehicle since revealing the prototype a few years ago. It’s safe to say that the actual product has not met expectations.

[Evan Loves Worf]