Cybertruck Twitter/@JimmyVosika

Earlier this month, Tesla announced a major recall on all of their Cybertrucks due to an issue regarding the accelerator pedal that could cause it to become stuck. But it looks like that problem is of very small concern to one owner after a semi-truck backed into his Cybertruck and completely ruined it.

Jimmy Vosika posted several photos of his absolutely destroyed Cybertruck on social media last week as he shared the extensive damage after it was hit by a semi-truck trying to back up into a loading dock.

“Cybertruck abuse from a semi that missed his loading dock by 6 feet. I love all of my friends who were eager to mention the CT recall to me lately, instead I think we need to recall all human drivers,” Vosika said in a post on X, the social media website that was formerly known as Twitter.

As the photos show, the entire passenger side of the car got absolutely destroyed by the semi-truck, and Vosika is understandably frustrated by the whole ordeal.

“That just about sums up my sadness. 4.5 year of waiting and 10 days of absolutely loving the truck. We’ll see how the repair process goes, hopefully it’s not 6 months,” Vosika said in another post.

Hopefully, the Cybertruck will be fixed quickly.

[Jimmy Vosika]