I’ll start this off on a personal note: I’m house sitting all summer on a lake. Sounds like a sweet gig, right? Wrong. The damn Canada geese hang out on the lawn/water and honk all day and night (seriously: all night). I have a sling shot, so I fire ice cubes at them (come at me, PETA!). It gets them to disperse for a little while, and then they come back — with seemingly more of their goose friends — and proceed to ruin my day all over again. It’s the worst.

I know, it’s the definition of First World Problem, but they are loud, they smell like butt, and they crap all over the beaches around here (or, what passes for a beach in Seattle). Also, you they’ll give you swimmer’s itch. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a rash you get from swimming in water full of goose poop.

That being said, this video is pretty damn funny.