Amazon has been known to disrupt multiple marketplaces including groceries, delivery and possibly even health care very soon. Now they may quickly track their employees’ movements in real time to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

The tech giant filed a patent for the wristband back in 2016, but it was approved recently on January 30. The hope is that it provides the company a way to keep track of processing in a more efficient way.

Here is part of the info from their patent document obtained by Geekwire:

“Existing approaches for keeping track of where inventory items are stored … may require the inventory system worker to perform time consuming acts beyond placing the inventory item into an inventory bin and retrieving the inventory item from the inventory bid, such as pushing a button associated with the inventory bin or scanning a barcode associated with the inventory bin. … Accordingly, improved approaches for keeping track of where an inventory item is stored are of interest.”

It doesn’t appear that the company has any plans in motion to use this mechanism in the short term. But it feels like the first step to all-out monitor the way that people do their work. While efficiency is key to any job, this would take it to an entirely different level.

If and when these become unveiled, it will be interesting to see how they utilize the device within Amazon’s rapidly expanding workforce.

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